Friday, 2 December 2016

Jdeveloper Features: Database Navigator

For any application to work nowadays, we need a backing database or some sort of web service which deals with database. So, let's check the connection with database with JDeveloper.
For the web service connections, we'll deal with another post.

If you want to know how you can install Oracle Database 11G Express Edition, check here.

To Open the Database Navigator, we'll navigate View -> Database -> Database Navigator

When you open database navigator, it shows all the available connections for use. Basically three types of connections are available for use.

  • IDE Connections
    These are the connections which are available in the IDE. So it means that any application in the IDE can share this connection.
  • Application Connections
    These are the connections which are specific to an application. Means that, if you have two applications open in the IDE and both have their own connections, this section will show two connections. But one application connection can not be used in the ther one.
  • Cloud Connections
    These are Oracle Cloud connections which you have licensed from Oracle.
This is the database navigator window,

Now let us see how we can create a connection and use it. Also, we'll check what we can do with a database connection. For simplicity and availability, I will use the default HR Schema that comes with Oracle 11G Database Express Edition.
First we'll create a new connection, then we'll name it something recognizable, then we'll define the connection.

At this point, you can test the database connection, before saving it. Once you are done with database credentials, you can save it and it will show in the Database Navigator.4

Now, you are ready with the database connection and you can do different operations on the connection. This will work much more like Oracle SQL Developer.

Here are some operations, I will show you.

Explore database

Execute Script

Explore and modify tables graphically

On the following video, I've captured all the steps from opening JDeveloper to exploring table data.

ADF can also work with MySQL, Maria DB. To check how to connect MySQL/MariaDB from ADF, please follow this article. Also, please let me know, if you need to connect ADF to any other database.

In our next article we'll check some other feature of JDeveloper.